Governance Information

Governance Structure

Our school is part of Pontefract Academies Trust.

The Trust was created under the provisions of the Academies Act 2010, as amended by the Education Act 2011. Its structure of governance is constituted under the Articles of Association. The Trust is an exempt charity by virtue of the Charities Act 2011.

The Funding Agreement between the Department for Education (DfE) and the Trust sets out the terms and conditions on which grant is made. The Trust Board is responsible for ensuring that the conditions of grant are met. As part of this process the Trust is required to have in place appropriate arrangements for sound governance, financial management, securing value for money and accounting, and for using public funds for the purposes for which they were intended by Parliament.

This Trust Board is accountable in law for all decisions about its schools. This does not mean that the Trust Board is required to make all of the decisions itself. Some decisions can be, and are delegated, including to SPRB, delegated officers, and other Trust Board established committees. The Scheme of Delegation sets out the framework which the Trust Board has approved.

All governance documentation for the Trust, including the Funding Agreement, Scheme of Delegation and Articles of Association can be found here.

Carleton Park J & I and The Rookeries J, I & N Schools Performance Review Board (SPRB)

Carleton Park and The Rookeries Schools SPRB is a sub-committee of the Trust Board and has various responsibilities delegated to it through the Pontefract Academies Trust Governance Policy and Scheme of Delegation.

The SPRB of Carleton Park and The Rookeries is currently made up of:

Name Role From To Appointed by
J Kneafsey Chair 03/10/2022 03/10/2026 Trust Board
J Ayre Headteacher at Carleton Park J & I School 01/06/2018 N/A Ex-officio
D Dunn Headteacher (acting) at The Rookeries J, I & N School 01/09/2023 N/A Ex-officio
L Hatton SPRB Member 13/05/2019 12/05/2027 Trust Board
C Waite SPRB Member 01/07/2023 01/07/2027 Trust Board
A Worsnop SPRB Member 10/12/2019 18/12/2027 Trust Board
H Norman SPRB Member 03/10/2022 03/10/2026 Trust Board

The Chair can be contacted at the following address:

Carleton Park Junior & Infant School
Moxon Close
West Yorkshire

or by email at


SPRB Current Register of Business Interests


Role Name of business or organisation/educational organisation Nature of business or organisation Nature of interest Date of appointment of acquisition Date of cessation of interest
J Kneafsey Chair of SPRB None declared
J Ayre Headteacher at Carleton Park, J & I School None declared
D Dunn Headteacher (acting) at The Rookeries J, I & N School None declared
C Waite SPRB Member BMBC  Local Authority Education, Health and Care Plan Coordinator 11/01/2021 N/A
L Hatton SPRB Member Local Authority - WMDC Educational Psychologist Currently fulfilling delivery of Educational Psychology services to PAT on behalf of WMDC (Service Level Agreement in place) 10/11/2019 N/A
A Sharp Vice Chair Wakefield Parent Carer Forum Advice/support to parents, LA, CCG regarding SEND at Board level Co-Founder/Treasurer 01/04/2020 N/A
A Worsnop SPRB Member Carleton Park J & I School Education provider Teacher 01/09/2015 N/A
H Norman SPRB Member Carleton High School Education provider Teacher 01/09/2007 N/A

SPRB Membership & Attendance Summary 2022/23


From To Appointed by Meetings attended Out of a possible
J Ayre (Ex-Officio: Head of CPS) 01/06/18 N/A Ex-Officio 4 5
J Kneafsey (Chair) 03/10/22 03/10/26 Trust Board 4 4
H Norman 03/10/22 03/10/26 Trust Board 3 5
R Grogan (Ex-Officio: Head of OHS) 01/09/20 N/A Ex-Officio 5 5
L Hatton 19/01/16 18/01/24 Trust Board 4 5
A Sharp (Vice Chair) 20/01/16 19/01/24 Parent Elected 2 5
C Waite Parent Trust Board 1 1
J Cross (Chair) 13/03/19 11/03/23 Trust Board 1 1
M Farrell 31/10/16 19/01/24 Trust Board 2 3
Left within the last 12 months:
M Farrell 31/10/16 18/01/23
R Grogan 01/09/20 31/08/23