Outstanding Ofsted Boost for Carleton Park Junior & Infant School and Pontefract Academies Trust

Published: October 10, 2019 4:12 pm

Carleton Park Junior & Infant School and Pontefract Academies Trust has been awarded the highest “outstanding” grade for leadership and management by Ofsted – making it one of the most improved Trusts in the region.

Carleton Park Junior & Infant School was also given the highest “outstanding grade” for the behaviour and personal development of its pupils following a two-day inspection in July of this year.

According to Darren Stewart, Her Majesty’s Inspector, “leaders’ resolute actions have improved the quality of teaching rapidly” and have “brought about a highly-focused and strategic approach to leadership”.

Joe Ayre, Head of School at Carleton Park Junior & Infant School, said: “We are delighted with the Ofsted report and it shows just how much ground we have covered in the last twelve months. The report shows just how well pupils, staff, the Trust, parents and our governors work together.” The report says that “parents acknowledge the improvements in the quality of teaching in recent months” and current pupils in the school “are achieving well and making good progress”.

Inspectors found that leaders’ accurately track the progress of all groups of pupils and as a result no child falls behind. Joe Ayre continued, “the report clearly shows that a higher proportion of pupils with special educational needs are making much more progress than they have in the past”. Inspectors highlighted that “pupils historically, made progress well below that expected of their age and ability”. Mr Ayre added, “I am pleased that Ofsted have highlighted some of the legacy issues that we have faced. My staff have worked very hard and with real determination. We were rewarded by being the 2nd highest achieving school out of 101 schools in Wakefield. A great achievement as the year before the school was placed 79th.”

The one form entry primary school is part of the Pontefract Academies Trust family of eight schools. Darren Stewart HMI, the lead inspector highlighted that the “school has benefited greatly from the change in leadership and new appointments at Pontefract Academies Trust”, with the “expert support from the CEO and Director of Primary Education enabling the school to systematically improve over the last twelve months”. The governance of the school is “exceptionally led” and the “CEO leads with vigour and promotes a strong moral purpose”.

Pontefract Academies Trust CEO, Julian Appleyard OBE, was delighted with the findings of the regulator. Mr Appleyard said, “The judgement validates the journey and the work of the last twelve months. We have collectively focused upon our moral and professional responsibility in addressing the drift in primary outcomes in the schools in the Trust that have been on a downward spiral since 2015.”

The Trust itself has seen a remarkable turnaround in the last twelve months with the SATs test scores for its six primary schools showing transformational improvement. Mr Appleyard continued, “the trajectory of improvement outcomes in our primary and secondary schools can only be a great thing for the community as we drive to further improve the life chances of our pupils”. Primary schools in the Trust obtained their best outcomes by a considerable distance. The Trust’s performance is now 12% above the national average. The year before it was 12% below – a 24% improvement in one year, likely placing the Trust as one of the most improved in the region.

To view the full Ofsted report click here.

Carleton Park Junior & Infant School is a member of Pontefract Academies Trust, a Multi Academy Trust educating around 3,500 young people in Pontefract.  For more information about Pontefract Academies Trust please visit: https://www.pontefractacademiestrust.org.uk/

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