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Student Basic Details

To start we need to know some basic details about the child you are applying for.

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Date of birth

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Parent/Carer Contact Details

In this section we need to know about you and anyone else who we should contact about the child you're applying for. There needs to be at least one contact.

After completing this application is important that you notify us of any changes, as we need to be able to contact the right person quickly if your child is ill.

Make sure to use the save contact button once your contact is added, otherwise it will not be saved and you may need to re-enter the fields.

Existing Contacts

You can update or remove any existing contacts added here.

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Contact Telephone Numbers

A mobile contact number is required, you can add additional numbers below, for additional numbers please ensure you select both the type and enter the full phone number.

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Email Address

Does this contact have parental responsibility?

Is the contact subject to Court Order Restricted Access?

Is this contact a member of the Armed Forces?

Should this contact receive student reports?

Should this contact receive correspondence from us?

If you're done with contacts, you can proceed to the next section using the links below, make sure to use the save contact button to ensure your contact is saved.

Family Links

Please give us the details of any siblings or other family members attending the School.

Make sure to use the save contact button once your contact is added, otherwise it will not be saved and you may need to re-enter the fields.

Existing Family Members

You can update or remove any existing family links added here.

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Year Group


Relationship to Student

If you're done family links or there aren't any to add, you can proceed to the next section using the links below, make sure you have used the save button before proceeding if you have added a link.

Medical Information

We now need to know about any relevant medical information.

Doctor/Surgery Name

Doctor/Surgery Telephone

Doctor/Surgery Address

The Equality Act defines a disabled person as anyone who has, or has had a physical or mental impairment which has a substantial and long term adverse effect on their ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities. The school has a duty to make reasonable adjustments.

Do you consider the pupil to have a disability?

Does the pupil have any long term health condition, allergy or dietary requirement that the school needs to be made aware of?

If yes, please provide further information.

Include auxiliary aids required, dietary requirements and any emergency action that should be taken. (e.g. asthma, epilepsy, allergies).

Does your child require medication to be administered by the school? If yes please contact the Admin Office to obtain a Medication Consent Form.

My child suffers from photo induced epilepsy.

I agree for first aid to be administered or an ambulance called if necessary.

Is your child toilet trained?

Is your child allergic to plasters?

Do you permit staff to apply plasters if necessary?

Are any other agencies working with your child? E.g. Speech Therapist, Social Worker

Ethnic/Cultural Information

To help in monitoring Equal Opportunities please answer below for both Ethnicity and Religion in relation to the pupil.



Country of Birth


First Language

Home Language

English as an Additional Language

School and Education Details

We need to know a bit more about the child you are applying for.

Has your child attended any other Nursery/School? Please write down the names and dates attended

Is the pupil adopted?

Is the pupil in local authority care?

Does the pupil have an Educational Health Care Plan?

Do you agree for your child to participate in local area off-site school trips/activities?

Do you agree for you child to travel in the school minibus if applicable?

The minibus is fitted with seatbelts and these must be worn

Usual mode of travel to the school (please indicate)

Would you like to tell us a little bit about your child? (Likes, dislikes, personality, behaviour, communication levels, speech, eating & drinking)

Consent Preferences

The School/Trust would like to use photographs, quotes and video images of your child to promote the School/Trust and its activities.

Do you consent to your child's first name, photograph, quote, work and video image being used to help celebrate their success and great news stories across Trust publications, videos, website, social media pages that are associated with Pontefract Academies Trust?

Do you consent to visual recordings of your child being made and stored securely in the School?

The School uses biometric recognition for some of its systems (e.g. cashless catering and library management).
Do you agree for your child’s biometric data to be obtained and stored for these purposes?.

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